Friday Fact

Goats have accents!

Baby goats – or kids – form social groups known as ‘crèches’. As they get older they match their pitch to the other kids in the group.

The Week in Review

This week has not been kind to the US dollar. Down more than a percent against a basket of major currencies, disruptions in the political circuit are intensifying the pressure on the greenback.

Euro is at a two-year high against the dollar Friday, closing off a spectacular week for the single currency. Positive vibes from the European Central Bank Thursday have stoked hopes for tighter policy, which in turn pushes the euro higher. The ECB is likely to start scaling back their huge asset-purchase program now that the economy is strong enough to take off the training wheels and let it ride.

Investigations into Russian involvement in the 2016 elections are once again ravaging the news cycle. Special counsel Robert Mueller is the man leading the probe. Mueller is reported to be widening the scope of his investigation to examine the Trump business dealings, looking at a range of transactions for financial ties to Russia. Mueller has already extended his view to include Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law – but this is a step too far for the President.

President Trump has warned that looking into his company’s finances would be crossing a line. Trump’s interview with the New York Times on Wednesday has stirred speculation that he may consider firing Mueller which is further destabilizing the dollar – but Trump would not be able to fire the special counsel directly.

Aussie dollar is also higher against the USD this week. Hawkish signals from the Reserve Bank of Australia have pushed AUD up over 2% against the greenback.