In an article that appears in our latest e-Info magazine for online sellers, Lauren Carter talks about what’s new on Amazon in 2016, including their next big thing.

Amazon Handmade has been described as a rival to Etsy, giving sellers a place to sell their handmade unique products, and it’s just launched. So for anyone who is currently selling on Etsy, it’s certainly worth keeping an eye on the growth of Handmade. It could be huge and it might be worth getting on board. Some people are concerned this will be the death of Etsy and you need to make sure you’re prepared to jump ship if need be.

Also, don’t forget that Amazon Webstore is closing in July 2016. The news broke back in March 2015 so you should already be aware if it is going to affect you. Time is flying by and if you haven’t thought about what platform you are going to switch to, you need to do so sooner rather than later. To make sure the disruption to your business is as limited as possible, you ought to start the process now.

Amazon’s FBA programme is growing year on year. It had a slow start in some marketplaces but it’s certainly not going to stop any time soon. You are probably aware that FBA gives you a few advantages over merchant sellers and if you’re not already on board it’s worth reconsidering. Of course it isn’t for everyone but if you have enough margin to cover the expense – even on a few product lines – it is certainly worth trialling.

Of course, some won’t have come across these issues, with 2016 being the year that they look to start their online business. If that applies to you, remember that with any online marketplace there is a learning curve and success isn’t going to come overnight.

It takes time to learn which products and practices will work best for your business, but don’t give up. Anybody can be successful selling online if they are willing to put in the time and effort. Always do your research and make sure you understand your marketplace before investing all your money into something. Test the waters and take it slowly while you find your feet.

Lauren Carter is the Digital Media Manager at ProfitSourcery
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