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Now that the new year’s celebrations are over and we settle into the rhythm of 2017, for online sellers across the UK the time has come to put into action their growth resolutions for the year.

Whether you’ve got global plans to make the most of a devalued pound and tackle new markets outside the EU, you’re looking to improve your business’ performance a bit closer to home or even if you’re just starting out in ecommerce, we’ve got some great tips to help you move a bit closer to your 2017 goals.

In our latest edition of E-info we take a page from the strategy book of the General Manager of Team Sky, Sir Dave Brailsford, who champions the philosophy of marginal gains. For him, this means that if you break down everything that goes into riding a bike and improve it by just 1%, then in aggregate these little tweaks will lead to major gains. In other words: small things add up. From receiving the best exchange rates when repatriating your profits to getting into the Amazon Buy Box, here we feature simple tips which all together can help to maximise your online business.

What’s inside…

  •  7 top tips for selling on global marketplaces
  •  Winning the race to the Buy Box on Amazon
  • 15-minute ecommerce optimisation in 3 easy steps
  • How to master Instagram to drive online sales
  • Localise the little things to make a big impact on your international sales
  • 6 key tips for internationalisation in 2017
  • A flash (sale) in the pan or lightning (deal) in a bottle?
  • Why you should consider your own eCommerce website