We’re almost at the half way point of the year and many businesses- yours maybe one of them- are looking at how they can expand or improve their business and move onto greater success in 2016

With that in mind, for our second edition of E-Info magazine, we’ve canvassed opinion from a range of e-commerce experts to help inspire your global ambitions as an online seller. What you’ll find here are the voices of experience and some visions of the future, all from those squarely in the know.

We‘ll show you five overseas marketplaces you probably haven’t heard of and explore the concept of the balanced business, one which understands that it cannot be strong everywhere and just ensures that its weaknesses are known, small and manageable.

We also hear about some new approaches to international expansion for online sellers and from our Chief Economist, Jeremy Cook, about the so-called currency wars that mean we can expect volatility to continue for all companies doing business in Asia through 2016.

We hope its an enjoyable and useful read!

E-info 2 Morning update