The Christmas rush is now behind us, and – hopefully – where online sellers were looking at warehouses brimming with goods a month or two ago, those same warehouses are now looking a whole lot emptier following a successful and profitable Christmas period.

After the busiest time of the year, it’s natural that you might want to take a break. But we all know it doesn’t really work like that, and now all eyes are on 2016 and what it holds for us.

In this edition of E-info, we’ve collated a range expert views for online sellers in 2016. We hear from a number of e-Commerce experts, and get their insight on the sort of things that online sellers can expect this year.

There’s also advice for those starting their online business in 2016, we’ll get the opinions of an economist regarding the effects of a slowdown in China on etailers everywhere, plus we’ll showcase some of the marketplaces you may not be aware of.

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