This is quite a big summer for Europe. With all the talk of that referendum, it’d be quite easy to forget that one of the most open international football tournaments in living memory will kick-off in France in June – and that most of the home nations are represented…

Whilst everyone is studying the form guide and trying to find the lesser-spotted dark horse in the pack of 24, we take a different look at the tournament and ask; which coach represents the best value for money based on the population they represent? We think our analysis might make you think differently about Roy Hodgson too.

We couldn’t overlook the referendum completely though so Jeremy Cook, our Chief Economist, takes a look at what could happen if the UKs expats were to find themselves ‘Brexpats’ come June, 24th.

There’s also a little something for the sun-worshippers and budding property developers as we look at some of the hottest spots in Europe, literally as well as metaphorically. anyone?

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