Here at WorldFirst, we believe that selling on global online marketplaces should be just as easy as selling locally.

Since our humble beginnings in 2004, we have made significant strides towards achieving our goal. Now, we are experts in eCommerce, helping thousands of online sellers grow their global business with fast, secure and simple international transfers with great FX rates.

We never stop working to provide you with solutions to the challenges of expanding your business. We partner with major marketplaces and eCommerce service providers on a global scale so you can concentrate on where you want to conquer next.


As part of our mission to make it even easier to sell internationally, we are delighted to announce our recent partnership with MakesYouLocal.

A Nordic-based eCommerce agency, MakesYouLocal has been helping merchants expand into and out of the Nordic market since 2010.

With MakesYouLocal, online sellers hoping to tap into Nordic online marketplaces can receive advice from a team of eCommerce specialists. From the initial strategic decisions to managing the daily operations of your business, MakesYouLocal provides assistance at every step of the way to help your business successfully expand into new markets.

What does this partnership mean for you?

While our partnership with MakesYouLocal allows online sellers to tap into valuable native expertise, our World Account enables sellers to pay suppliers and manage funds just like a local from one easy-to-use platform – accessible 24/7, online or via the app.

For online sellers considering expanding into the Nordic region, WorldFirst and MakesYouLocal will be hosting a free webinar on 26th March at 9am GMT. In the webinar, we will cover a range of topics including how to select the right market for cross-border expansion, practical tips for leveraging local payments and logistical solutions for success.

You can register to secure your space for this webinar here. For those who are unable to make this time, the session will be recorded.

By securing partnerships like this, we are one step closer to fulfilling our mission of making it even easier to do business like a local, globally. Be ambitious, without limits.

It’s time to go global.