We’re closing our Private customer business

Your account has always been important to us. However, we have made the tough decision to concentrate on our business services and discontinue our Private client service, as we strengthen our focus on serving business customers globally.

This means we’re closing our Private customer business, completing on the 21st April 2021; we’ll be starting to remove online access from the April 10th 2021.

Please note that our money transfer services for our business customers will remain unaffected by this decision.

Do I need to do anything?

You will not be able to transact on your WorldFirst account after the April 10th 2021.

  • Please transfer any remaining balances out of your account before that date.

  • Any existing payment and scheduled payments will need to take place before the closing date

  • If you want to download any transaction or statement information you should do so before this date

New to WorldFirst?

If you are for looking for a Private service for international payments, we are no longer taking new registrations.

Your questions answered:

Further information and support:

If you have additional questions please check out the FAQs above. Otherwise please don’t hesitate to contact us via our website live chat or via the following channels:

Existing customers: please contact your account manager, or our Private account team on +852 3959 4810 or via enquiries.asia@worldfirst.com

General enquires: Please email enquiries.asia@worldfirst.comm