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Transfer money to Japan

No matter the occasion, WorldFirst makes transferring money to Japan a breeze. With our specialized technology, WorldFirst helps make transfers fast and easy with our turnkey process.

In addition to quick transfers, WorldFirst provides quality customer service throughout the entirety of your transfer. Every customer gets their own dedicated account specialist, and we’ll answer your call in three rings or less.

Also, our online platform is ready when you are. Whether you’re interested in checking your transfer status, considering other transfer options or looking to learn more about WorldFirst, it’s there for you 24/7, 365 days a year.

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Transfer money to Japan to help grow your business

What makes Japan so appealing when considering new marketplaces for your business? Even though its landmass is smaller than the size of California, its economy and e-commerce market is recognized as a powerhouse. Its well-developed infrastructure and digitally sophisticated population sets the tone for global expansion paradise.

When comparing Japan’s market for business growth globally, it falls to its main competitors ranking sixth, but two inspiring traits standout: 1. Ranking second for business sophistication and 2. Ranking fourth for its market size. Recently Apple Inc. found this potential in Japan and decided to move its research and development center to Yokohama, Japan. That’s telling.

In 2017, Japan’s e-commerce market totaled $89 billion, and is projected to surpass $122 billion by 2018. Of Japan’s 127,100,000 person population (11th largest in the world), there are 109 million Japanese consumers online. In turn, making Japan the highest digital buyer in the Asia-Pacific region, with 77 million digital buyers last year.

Why choose WorldFirst when you transfer money to Japan?

✓ Great exchange rates for currency transfers

✓ No fees

✓ Exceptional service

✓ Make payments online 24/7

✓ Fast international payments

✓ Segregated client accounts

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How money transfers to Japan work

Here is how to send money to Japan in 3 easy steps.

We’re here to help reduce any hassles or worries about exchange rates and market fluctuations. Here's how:


Set up an account to transfer money to Japan

Setting up an account with World First is a cinch, especially with the help of our 24/7 support team. Once your account is set up, start to transfer money to Japan by telling us how much you want to send ($1,000 or more*) and who you want to pay and which currency you want to pay in. We’ll quote you a rate.


Send us your money

After you book a rate, you’ll receive a confirmation from us. From there, you just need to send your money to us by domestic wire transfer.


We make your payment

Put your feet up and we'll do the rest - convert your funds and send the money to the account you requested. Done and done.

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*Visit our FAQs for more details on fees and charges.

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