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What we offer

Spot contracts

So called because they’re done ‘on the spot’, this allows you to secure a rate and make your payments straight away. This is the ideal option if you’re a busy person and just need to get things moving as soon as possible!

Forward contracts

Like to plan ahead? Then forward contracts are for you. They allow you to lock in an exchange rate now and make your payment later. In fact, you can secure a rate up to three years in advance!

Recurring payments

You can set up a plan with us so that when we receive your money, we'll convert it quickly, reliably and securely. And you can choose if you want it converted at the rate on the day, or you can lock in a rate making budgeting a whole lot easier.

Send money to Canada

Transferring money to Canada is fast and easy with World First, so if you need to send money there, why would you go anywhere else?

One of Canada’s favorite exports is Maple Syrup, and there’s nothing sweeter than getting a great exchange rate that saves you a load of money when you send money to Canada.

Not only do we save you money, but we’ll also save you time with our straightforward process and remove the stress by giving you your own dedicated contact. Even if you need to call us ten times a day, we won’t mind! Promise!

And just check out our amazing range of products. Spot contracts that let you deal right now at the best rate on the day. Forward contracts that let you fix a rate in advance and give you peace of mind and security. Regular transfer plans let you benefit if the rates go in your favor after you’ve fixed a rate. We’ll find the right product for you.

Whether it’s for work or play, we’ll save you time and money when you send money to Canada.

So come on, Join our club.You’ll like it here!

Not transferring money to Canada? Not to worry – we make money transfers all over the world.

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