World First USA Inc. subpoenas

World First USA Inc. honors lawfully issued subpoenas issued to World First USA Inc. any other naming conventions will result in a denial of your request. If you seek documents and/or information from World First USA Inc. in connection with a legal matter, please direct your subpoena or any related correspondence to:

COGENCYGLOBAL, the Registered Agent for World First USA Inc. Please select the collection address in your state.

Law Enforcement/Government Agency Subpoenas (mail only) to:

World First USA Inc.
206 E 9th Street Suite 19
Austin, TX 78701

Subpoena’s issued for out of state court proceedings:

As World First USA Inc. is a Texas Citizen any out of state court issuing a subpoena must comply with Texas Rules of Civil Procedure (TRCP) §201.2 which requires the party seeking discovery to obtain a “mandate, writ, or commission” from the requestors state court requiring the specifically sought discovery.

A Texas subpoena may only be issued by (TRCP §176.4):

  • An attorney authorized to practice in the Texas;
  • A Texas court clerk; or
  • An officer authorized to take deposition in Texas.

A valid out of state subpoena request must (TRCP §176.1):

  • Be issued in the name of the State of Texas;
  • State the style of the suit and its case number
  • State the court in which the suit is pending;
  • State the date on which the subpoena is issued;
  • Identify the person to whom the subpoena is directed;
  • State the time, place, and nature of the action required by the person to whom the subpoena is directed;
  • Identify the person at whose instance the subpoena is issued, and the party’s attorney of record;
  • State the text of the rule regarding contempt; and
  • Be signed by the person issuing the subpoena

A subpoena can be served at any place in Texas by an sheriff, constable or person who is not a party and is 18 years of age or older by delivering a copy of the subpoenas to the witness and tendering any required fees (TRCP C176.5)

Subpoenas issued by Federal Court:

As World First USA Inc. is a United States citizen it will comply with any valid subpoena issued by a Federal Court so long as it is valid under the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure §45.

Subpoenas involving international clients:

World First is a global company, if a subpoenas is served to World First USA Inc. but the subject of the subpoena is an international client then you will be required to obtain a foreign judgment in the relevant jurisdiction for the relevant World First office. Details of our offices.

In order to be receive an accurate response, the subpoenas must:

  • Indicate the court/jurisdiction and include the case number and case style or have an Agency Letterhead
  • Be issued to World First USA Inc.
  • Be signed and dated
  • Provide either:
    • Customer's full name or
    • Customer's full Account Number or
    • Customer's full name AND email address or
    • Customer's full name AND phone number

Subpoenas should also clearly identify the documents and/or records requested. Any subpoenas received with vague requests (i.e. “any and all”) may result in limited responses. Additionally, if a time period is not specified, then we will provide the last 6 months of available records from the date we receive the subpoena.

Processing time:

The processing time for subpoena fulfillment is approximately 30 calendar days after we are properly served with the subpoena. In certain instances, it may take more time if extensive information is requested or if requestors provide insufficient information. During high volume periods, subpoena fulfillment may take up to 60 calendar days.

Motion to quash and objections:

Motions to Quash or Objections must be received prior to the date on which World First USA Inc. must legally comply with the subpoena in order to prevent the release of records. In such instances, the compiled records will be retained and released only upon court order, joint stipulation of the parties or with the customer's written authorization. We also reserve the right to request supporting documentation to determine how the records sought are relevant to the pending litigation or proceeding.

To provide additional documentation regarding a subpoena, including correspondence, motions and objections please email us at:

In your communication, please provide your name, phone number, case number, relevant parties, and accounts so we can properly research and review your matter.