WorldFirst selected Most Convenient in 2017 Money Transfer Awards. Find out why

Lucy Marshall - eCommerce Sales

My background:

With a fine arts degree and a creative background, I was worried I would only work with numbers at World First. Luckily, I was wrong—being in sales gave me more opportunity to connect with diverse companies and product offerings, instead of a single line. Plus, my role involves helping implement e-commerce solutions, which is often a creative challenge itself. “People here have a good time. It’s not always nose to the grindstone—we trade plenty of laughs.”

My role at World First:

I talk to dozens of e-commerce businesses a day, which adds diversity to my routine before even factoring in client growth or industry changes. The only thing I do more than chat with businesses is travel around the world to meet them—requiring me to step away from the phones to make growth plans in collaboration with other World First teams. “We’re always thinking about ways to find new leads and scale at or above the rate the industry is—so we want people who are creative and can help come up with ideas to get us there.”

More about me:

In my free time, I embrace the outdoor lifestyle Austin has to offer by running along Lady Bird Lake Hike and Bike Trail and practicing yoga downtown. From stand-up paddle boarding, Segway tours, and over 300 days of sunshine, it’s hard not to be active in Austin.

Ross Brookshire - Commercial Business Analyst

Why did I start at World First?

I used my university’s alumni website to discover World First. I was looking to move to a smaller company that still had ample resources and opportunities to grow—without sacrificing autonomy or a great culture. After interviewing, I fell in love with the idea of helping World First expand. Just two weeks after being hired, I hit the ground running by traveling to the London office. “What really separates this company from others in the industry is that you never know where the next great idea will come from. You have access to anyone—no matter their title—which gives everyone an equal voice.”

My role at World First:

I head into work around 7 am and immediately start chatting with the London Team to gather metrics and recent performance updates for the greater Partnerships Team. I also support the Sales Team by evaluating new partnerships or creating pitch decks to help bring in new clients. After that, I synthesizes all partnerships data so decision-makers can use it to plan next steps. “Having a global playing field really breeds curiosity and understanding beyond one company. It forces you to think outside the box in a way you couldn’t get anywhere else.”

More about me:

Outside of work, I am passionate about music. I enjoy playing the guitar and piano in addition to collecting used vinyl records for vintage player. The legendary Austin music scene with venues such as The Broken Spoke known as “the last true Texas dance hall” and the Continental Club are just a few places to enjoy live shows.