World First USA, Inc. is looking for innovative and creative contributors to enhance its international payments blog. Working in such a transformative space, it’s easy to miss key topics, so we want to share your interests with the world.

Our blog is updated on a daily basis, with a target audience of SMBs, corporations and private clients focused on transferring money abroad. Our customers come from all ends of the earth, pursuing their passions of selling online, creating white label products, building companies, accomplishing life goals and/or traveling the world.

Does this sound like it’s up your alley? Check out the information below to get started.

Topic areas of interest:

We’ll be featuring content on a wide range of topics, covering:
1. Fintech
2. Foreign currency exchange
3. Cross-border payments on eCommerce marketplaces
4. Economic outlooks
5. Studying abroad
6. Buying international properties
7. Evolution of US banking industry
8. SMB’s expanding overseas


Blogs should be punchy, informative, and not sales oriented. We welcome graphics and/or pictures, but please attach them separately during submission.

Contributors will receive full credit for their content and will retain the rights to republish elsewhere as long as it is linked to the original. Bloggers are asked to promote their content on their social channels, and World First will do the same.

Submission instructions:

Email subject line: Contributor Blog Pitch
Bio (no more than 100 words)
Links to your work or business website
Pitch (Three to four sentences that describes your storyline)