You can tell Mother’s Day is right around the corner. Just look at the multitude of advertisements by chocolate companies, florists, and of course, Hallmark. While we all like to think we can come up with thoughtful, unique presents every June, most of us usually end up picking a nice arrangement and attaching a heartfelt card (bonus points if your mom tears up!).

So what if you stepped up your game this year – and we mean REALLY stepped it up. We’ve picked out some of the most luxurious – and rare – options so that you can really impress mom this Sunday. 

Kadupul Flower (priceless)

Also known as the “queen of the night”, Kadapul flowers are rare and beautiful, but they are priceless by default – no one has ever kept one alive long enough to sell! These desert flowers come from cacti and only bloom in the middle of the night, just to wilt before dawn. Their short life span makes them rare and desirable. To get your mom this beauty, you’ll have to bring her to the flower instead of the other way around! These guys can be found in warm climates all over the world, though they are native to Central America.

Fun fact, the Chinese use this flower as an analogy when describing someone who is spectacular or glorified but for only a passing moment.

Juliet Rose (3 million euros)

The Juliet Rose is a type of rose that takes 15 long years of cultivation to make. It was first released by breeder David Austin in 2006 at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show after he had put 3 million euros into its development! By the way, if you are thinking of cultivating one of these beauties, in 2006 that 3 million euros amounted to $3,821,000, but today it’s almost half a million less at $3,386,550. So you really have no excuse.

These full, light colored blossoms are a very popular choice for brides and anyone well-to-do, so why not treat your mom to some? David Austin still sells collections of them, and a 75 euro price tag looks pretty doable when compared to the 3m euro originals.

Gold of Kinabalu Orchid ($6,000 a piece)

Orchids tend to be a more high-end type of flower simply because of the fussy environment they require in order to grow and bloom. The Gold of Kinabalu, for example, takes up to ten years to grow into an adult plant before growers see their first bloom. Beyond that, the bloom is short lived and occurs just once a year. Their finicky nature requires breeders to follow suit – sterilized labs and constant care are required to get the best yield of blooms – which cost anywhere from $3,000 to $6,000 per stem.

This species, like many orchid species, is endangered. Luckily, it blooms only in April in May, so the timing works out just perfectly for Mother’s Day! Or better yet, add a stop to your Mom & Flowers World Tour – these are found exclusively in Malaysia in a national park of the same name.

Shenzhen Nongke Orchid ($200,000)

This orchid is even more unique than most because it does not occur in nature at all. This manmade orchid took eight years for Chinese developers to complete. Because of this, some people think of it as a “Frankenflower.”

Its makers were paid off for all their hard work. In 2005, the flower was sold at auction for 1.68 million Yuan. In 2005, that was worth $205,500, but now that amount would be worth $270,650. In another eight years, who knows where the market will be!