If you’re looking for a great new place to live or retire in another part of the world, you’ll want to check out this list.

Human resource consulting giant Mercer has recently released its 2016 Quality of Living Rankings, which compared 230 of the world’s top cities for workers and ranked them based on 39 different environmental factors. The factors revolve around 10 major categories, which consider everything from the quality of the city’s political, economic, and social environment to its public safety, mass transportation, housing costs, and even records of national disasters. (See Mercer’s full methodology here).

So which places ranked the highest this year? European cities continued to dominate, taking seven out of the top 10 spots. But because we wanted to showcase a wider variety of great cities to live in, we decided to look at Mercer’s list by the top ranked city from each of the world’s seven regions including Western Europe, North America, South America, Central & Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa, Asia, and Pacific.

Sorted by the highest-ranked cities in each world region, here are the world’s seven best cities to live and work in around the world:

7. Montevideo, Uruguay

Region: South America
Mercer World Rank #78
Currency: Uruguayan peso

The capital of one of South America’s smallest countries hosts just 3 million people. Beyond its peaceful atmosphere and the beautiful coastline it sits on, Montevideo (and the broader Uruguay) offers a reasonable cost of living along with some of the best healthcare, education, and financial systems in Latin America.

6. Dubai, UAE
Region: Middle East and Africa
Mercer World Rank #75
Currency: United Arab Emirates dirham

Once considered a barren land in the oil-rich Middle East, the now-prosperous city of Dubai attracts thousands of new immigrants every year thanks to its promising career and investment opportunities. Dubai is also home to some of the world’s tallest buildings, including the Burj al Arab Hotel and the record-holding Burj Khalifa skyscraper.

prague5. Prague, Czech Republic
Region: Central & Eastern Europe
Mercer World Rank #69
Currency: Czech koruna

Ranked as one of our 5 best places to work in Europe, Prague is famous for its baroque architecture, rich culture, and wonderful beers. It also has great public transportation and resides in a country with one of the lowest unemployment rates in the European Union.

singapore4. Singapore
Region: Asia
Mercer World Rank #26
Currency: Singapore dollar

Located on the southern tip of the Malaysian peninsular, Singapore attracts a large number of Western expats that work and live alongside a diverse population of Chinese, Malay, and Indian backgrounds. While the cost of living and housing there is high, the city offers excellent public transportation and health care facilities to go with its warm tropical climate. In addition to its high quality of living score, Mercer also rated Singapore as Asia’s safest city to live in, beating out five Japanese cities.

vancouver3. Vancouver, Canada
Region: North America
Mercer World Rank #5
Currency: Canadian dollar

Vancouver may come with a high cost of living, but that may just be worth it. The scenic coastal metropolis sits on a peninsula surrounded by beautiful oceanfront, snowy mountains, and lush forests. Boasting a vibrant economy tied to fast-growing economies in East Asia, the diverse city fosters a culture of Canadian calm and politeness.

auckland2. Auckland, New Zealand
Region: Pacific
Mercer World Rank #3
Currency: New Zealand dollar

Nicknamed “The City of Sails” with its large number of yachts sailing between its two harbors, Auckland ranked third in Mercer’s world list for quality of living and ranked ninth in terms of personal safety. The small city sitting on the Eastern coast of New Zealand is home to just 1.5 million expats, locals and Polynesians, which set the stage for a variety of cultural shows and festivals that are shown throughout the year there. The weather is great year-round too, with temperatures averaging 68 degrees Fahrenheit (20 degrees Celsius) in the summer and 51 degrees (11 degrees Celsius) in the winter.

vienna1. Vienna, Austria
Region: Western Europe
Mercer World Rank #1
Currency: Euro

Austria’s largest city has been ranked as Mercer’s number one city in the world for overall quality of life for the past seven years. Nicknamed the City of Music and once home to Sigmund Freud, Vienna is one of Europe’s most beautiful and culturally vibrant cities. While most Austrians do speak some English, you may want to brush up on your German to improve your career prospects here.

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