Last year, e-commerce marketplaces outside of the US generated a staggering $1.5 trillion in sales – more than tripling the amount of sales on US e-commerce markets. In other words, almost 80% of online global sales are happening outside of US marketplaces. There’s never been a better time to consider selling overseas.

The sheer size of the non-US e-commerce market is a seller’s dream if you’re looking for more sales and profits. But you might find that you need help getting started. That’s why Teikametrics and World First USA, Inc. are partnering to bring you a webinar on “Expert Insights to Expand Your E-Commerce Business.” On March 15 at 1 p.m. ET, you’ll have a chance to hear from industry leaders on why more and more online business owners are looking to sell on foreign marketplaces and how you can beat the competition to be successful.

Here’s a couple reasons why it’s important to sell overseas:

Promising demand. 40% of online shoppers from 29 countries plan to shop for products from foreign countries for the first time over the next 12 months. And half of those international shoppers plan to buy from US sellers – that means you!

Less competition. Despite strong demand from shoppers abroad, only 1 in 3 US merchants who currently only sell in the US plan to start selling in a foreign market over the next 12 months. What does that mean for you? More eyes on your product and fewer pricing wars.

Easy access to a world of opportunity. With Amazon offering nearly a dozen foreign marketplaces where you can sell — including in Western Europe, Japan, and Canada — there are more opportunities than ever to easily start growing your sales and profit margins.

Find out how you can get started and most importantly, how you can succeed by registering for our free webinar. Best of all, it will be a roundtable format, so you can ask all your questions. We look forward to talking to you soon!