This post is by Craig Agutter, EMEA eCommerce Manager at World First UK Ltd, and originally appeared in

Online sellers know that marketplaces are a good bet for selling internationally, offering a safe and easy way to reach customers abroad.

Amazon and eBay are great marketplaces for selling general merchandise in Europe, but they are not without competition and there’s no reason to limit yourself to them. Europe is full of diverse online marketplaces with large and loyal customer bases. In some countries and product categories, Amazon and eBay’s sales are surpassed by stronger local websites. The market is particularly diverse in France, Germany, Eastern Europe and fashion.

So casting your net beyond Amazon and eBay can be a very effective way to reach more customers in the European market – with the same inventory, resources and processes.

In this post, I outline my top ten alternative marketplaces to consider when trying to sell across Europe. Click below to read all about them!

top 10

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