New year celebrations and resolution-making may be over, but the chance to dream big things for your e-commerce business and hit “refresh” on your growth strategy never gets old. Whether you want to increase your sales, make your brand stand out, understand sales tax, go where there’s less competition, or expand your business to new markets, we’ve compiled an exciting collection of articles from e-commerce leaders to guide your journey.

For Amazon sellers who’re just starting out, an executive at a company that has worked with over 15,000 Amazon sellers gives tips on how to beat the marketplace’s top brands. If you’re looking to maximize your business’ visibility, we’ll look at four key steps that a 20-year-veteran marketing consultant says has led to great success among her e-commerce clients.

For entrepreneurs wanting to tackle new markets abroad, we’ll talk about five global marketplaces beyond Amazon and eBay that your competitors may not know about. Experts from an e-commerce market analysis platform will also show you some great ways to test demand for your products in almost any geographic market. And to cap it off, this issue walk you through getting started in one of the fastest growing e-commerce markets in the world.

To help bring all these tips to life, we’ll share a case study featuring a successful jewelry e-tailer who started his business in New Jersey but now sells all over the world.

As you’ll see, this issue of E-commerce Solutions is full of tips and tricks to thrive in the competitive e-commerce space! We hope this magazine will help you jump start your business on solid footing and we wish you success in your ventures as you continue to grow here and abroad. Download now!