The holiday season is a critical time for your Amazon Business, which is why World First USA and Feedvisor have teamed up to create The Ultimate Q4 Game Plan for Amazon Sellers. To help get your Amazon store ready and boost your sales through the end of the year, here’s tip #5 (of 14):

Want to cut down on sourcing costs? The strong US dollar makes it a great time to consider using service providers and suppliers in the UK and the Eurozone.

Here’s how. Since the Brexit vote, the pound’s value has plunged to its lowest levels in 30 years. Now you can buy £1 for close to $1.30 — instead of the pre-Brexit price of roughly $1.45 – which translates to a 10% discount on the pound. In other words, your US dollars can buy 10% more of almost anything in the UK than they could right before the vote, and 20% more than they could in June 2015 when the pound traded for almost $1.60. And while we’re at it, I should also point out that your US dollars stretch 20% further in the Eurozone than in mid-2014 when the euro traded for around $1.40.

That means if you were to switch some of your local or overseas providers for similar ones in Britain or the Eurozone, you could be getting high-quality service or inventory at a sizable discount – just in time for the Holiday season.

The Ultimate Q4 Game Plan for Amazon Sellers will give you plenty of actionable advice to help boost your sales during this peak season. You’ll also find answers to these questions and more:

• Why do I need a Q4 calendar, and what should it look like?
• Should I run special promotions?
• Which pricing strategy can help me maximize my profit?
• How can the Brexit vote help me cut down on sourcing costs?

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