Whether you’re just starting to sell on Amazon or eBay or you’ve managed your own online store for years, these online eCommerce tools offer a great way to avoid hassles, save time, and boost sales.

From automating your product pricing to figuring out your profit potential for each product you sell, these highly-regarded tools offered through our eCommerce service partners are some of the most helpful you’ll find on the market – and some cost as little as $10 or less per month.

So in the spirit of setting you up for future success, here are six must-have tools to help your eCommerce business grow.

1. SellerEngine’s Profit Bandit app
For: Amazon Sellers
How it helps:
Profitable item sourcing

How it works: Use your smartphone to scan an item’s barcode, then see how much profit you could make if you were to sell it on Amazon. The $9.99-per-month app takes into account Amazon fees, your cost of goods, shipping rates, and other costs and compares against historical prices for the item to find your return on investment (ROI).

For a free alternative (though with fewer features), check out the Amazon Seller app. Ebay sellers may consider Salecalc.

2. Terapeak’s SEO Pro
For: Ebay sellers and non-marketplace sellers
How it helps: Drives traffic to your listings

How it works: The SEO PRO helps you find the highest-ranking eBay and Google keywords for your products to boost shopper traffic – and ultimately sales. Using real-time listing data, Terepeak’s program also shows you which keywords are most being used by competitors for a product and how different keywords affect that product’s sales price.

3. Feedvisor’s algorithmic repricing tool
For: Amazon sellers
How it helps: Pricing to optimize profit

How it works:
This time-saving and award-winning tool finds the “pricing sweet spot.” Rather than pricing your products lower and leaving profit on the table, Feedvisor’s algorithmic repricer compares your pricing and customer ratings with your competitors’ to optimize your margins and automatically set prices on each of your products. Just set your product’s ceiling and floor price, and the algorithm will do the rest for you.

4. Teikametrics Insite™ for FBA Opportunities
For: Amazon FBA sellers
How it helps: Smarter inventory restocking

How it works: Teikametric’s automated restocking software helps you prioritize in replenishing your most profitable items first, rather than trying to keep every one of your items in stock. The software also predicts each product’s DOI (days of inventory), generates competitive scenarios at the point of restocking, and creates purchase orders and shipping labels from the system.

5. The Refunds Manager
For: Amazon FBA sellers
How it helps: Finding Amazon refunds owed to you

How it works: Amazon sellers with higher sales volumes can use the innovative Refunds Manager system to track down often-missed reimbursements that may be owed to them from Amazon. It starts by identifying potential reimbursement opportunities from transactions with late return issues, missing or damaged items, or orders with incorrect customer reimbursements. Once the program finds a potentially missed refund opportunity, Refunds Manager will file a claim with Amazon and take a 25% commission of the money they recover for you – a win-win.

6. World First USA, Inc. international payment online platform
For: All online sellers
How we help: Cost-effective international money transfers

How it works: If you’re selling on non-US marketplaces (where 75% of all global eCommerce sales are made), we could potentially save you hundreds on transfer costs as you pay VAT bills and repatriate your sales from overseas marketplaces.

We can set you up with a local receiving account in the countries where you’re selling, from which you can directly collect your foreign sales and pay VAT charges. When you’re ready to bring your profits back home, we’ll convert and send your money quickly and inexpensively with our competitive exchange rates and award-winning customer service.  Click here to learn more .