Did you know that 80% of the Japanese population shops online? Japan’s eCommerce market is constantly growing, and with it the number of opportunities available. If you’re thinking about expanding to the world’s fourth largest eCommerce market but aren’t sure how to get started, our Guide to Amazon Japan has you covered. No two markets are exactly the same, so it’s important to do your research before jumping headfirst into a new marketplace. Your time and money is on the line, so don’t let it go to waste by not understanding where you’re selling. Download our guide to find out more about:

  • Testing for your product’s demand
  • Rules related to customs
  • Registering for consumption tax
  • How to sign up
  • Localizing your service and marketing
  • Translating product pages
  • Shipping strategies
  • Choosing an international payments provider

It’s never too late to start selling in a new country, so the time is now to sell in Japan! Check out our tips so that you can be ready for what’s next. You never know what surprises may arise when selling internationally, so we hope our guide to Amazon Japan can help alleviate some of the stress of tackling a new marketplace. Stay ahead of the game by learning about the different plans Amazon has to offer sellers and how to find a translator to fit your needs. Download our guide for a wide range of tips for taking control of your eCommerce business in Japan.amazon japan guide download button