Brexit fears ramp up Commodities fall
US dollar strengthens US manufacturing improves

After yesterday’s attacks and as the referendum date nears, Brexit fears are starting to make an impact on the pound again.  The pound has dropped today as opposing sides for the vote become more vocal.  Two of the more outspoken voices are Peter Mandelson, former EU Commissioner, and London Mayor Boris Johnson.  Mandelson is warning that those campaigning for Brexit are putting politics above the economy while Johnson has said that the finance industry would flourish mightily outside the EU.

Despite it being a fairly quiet day today there is still a lot of movement in the markets, especially around commodity based currencies.  USD continues to strengthen after some good manufacturing data and oil prices slowing down, which has hit Canadian and Australian dollar particularly hard this morning.

EURUSD:  The euro is down on USD strength and concerns about terror and Brexit.

GBPUSD:  The pound is down significantly again today as Brexit fears accelerate ahead of this summer’s vote.

AUDUSD:  Aussie dollar down this morning as commodities weaken.

CADUSD:  Canadian dollar weakened this morning on USD strength and weaker commodity prices.