WorldFirst selected Most Convenient in 2017 Money Transfer Awards. Find out why


Helping make moving money easier

Our app makes moving money around the world even easier. You can secure a rate and pay in one smooth, effortless transaction. It's quick, easy, secure and it's free - so if you are or want to become a private client, why not download it now.*

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Here's what you can do with the WorldFirst app


Quick trade

If you've already got your payee set up, you could make a trade in 30 seconds!

Payment tracker

Keep an eye on how your payment or transfer is getting on.

Live rates

Find out where the markets are at, all day long. Wherever you are.

Market updates

We'll keep you updated on what's going on in the markets.

Activating your app


If you’ve already created a personal account with us, you can download the app and log in straight away. If you’re new to WorldFirst, no problem - you can get started on the app too.

The only thing you'll be waiting for is for our compliance team to authorize your account based on the details you will have provided during registration.

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Wearable money transfers


With the WorldFirst Money Transfer app you can move money around the world using your smartwatch. Choose who to pay and secure a great rate on a full range of currencies, just like you would on our mobile app. And it takes seconds too - or 5 taps and 3 swipes to be precise.


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So what are you waiting for?

If you need to make an international payment, look no further. Join 111,000+ clients around the world who are benefitting from our services. Download the app now and get started.

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