Please take a look at our set-up guide for more information.

Transactions will be posted to Xero every hour.

No. WorldFirst will only begin posting transactions from the point at which you connect. No historical transactions will be posted.

If you have created a new account in Xero (vs. linking to an existing account) you will need to manually update the balance by importing historical transactions. WorldFirst will not post any historical transactions.

Yes. You can disconnect the feed by navigating to the Connected Accounts page in your WorldFirst account, click on Manage and then toggle the account you wish to disconnect.

WorldFirst will only access the names of the bank accounts that you already have set up in Xero.

WorldFirst will post transaction data:

  • Transaction ID
  • Transaction value
  • Transaction type (credit or debit)
  • Transaction date
  • Reference and description

You can speak to your Worldfirst account manager or email us at

Xero have a Bank feed status page that you can check or you can speak to your account manager if you think there might be a problem with the feed.

You will need to have a multi-currency subscription with Xero and you will also need to ensure you have updated the currencies in Xero settings.

This means your Xero subscription is not subscribed to that particular currency account. Please visit the Add a foreign currency in Xero page for more details on how to quickly add your chosen currency to your Xero Organisation.