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What we offer

Spot contracts

So called because they’re done ‘on the spot’, this allows you to secure a rate and make your payments straight away. This is the ideal option if you’re a busy person and just need to get things moving as soon as possible!

Forward contracts

Like to plan ahead? Then forward contracts are for you. They allow you to lock in an exchange rate now and make your payment later. In fact, you can secure a rate up to three years in advance!

Regular payments

If you need to send money abroad on a regular basis, you’ll want to set up automated payments. You can arrange to do this quickly and easily with us over the phone or online.

Send money to USA

The US is known as the land of hopes and dreams - if you’ve dreamt about amazing exchange rates when you transfer money to the USA, look no further!

If you’re heading to America for a new life and a new home, or maybe you’re moving there for a great new job and want to send your salary back home – we’ll make it faster, cheaper and easier to transfer money to the USA (or back home from there).

Check out the example of the chap that needed to transfer £50,000 to pay for the deposit on a new property in LA. Their bank offered him a GBPUSD exchange rate of 1.55, which would have got him $77,500. But World First would have given them 1.57, which is worth $1,000 more. A thousand dollars gained by making the right decision. A good decision, we’d say.

Don’t let everyone else make the savings – save money yourself when you send money to the USA.

Apart from our awesome rates, you’ll love our award-winning customer service, which has really earned its (stars and) stripes – see what we did there! Plus, our easy-to-use online system means it’s simpler than ever to book a deal whenever it suits you.

When it comes to our products, there’s something for everyone. Take our best exchange rate on the day, or fix a rate for a transfer in the future (great for budgeting). With our hedging options, you can fix an exchange rate but you’ll benefit if the rates move in your favour. Sound complicated? Don’t worry, we’ll talk you through it.

So what are you waiting for? Save time and money when you send money to the USA! Get started!

Want to send money somewhere else? No worries. We transfer money all over the world.


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