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How does it work?

Once you've signed up you can book a rate by phone or online 24/7.
All you need to do is...

Book your rate

Once your account is set up all you need to do is tell us how much you want to send, who you want to pay and which currency you want to pay in. Then we'll quote you a rate. Simple!

Send your money

Once you've booked your rate you'll receive an email confirming your trade details. It'll have the payment information so you can pay us by debit card or bank transfer.

We send it out

Put your feet up. Grab a cuppa.
We'll do the rest - convert your funds and send the money to the account you requested. Done and dusted.

World First Awards

Send money to USA

The US. Land of hopes and dreams. And if you’ve been dreaming of fantastic exchange rates and awesome customer service when you transfer money to the USA, you’re in the right place.

Whatever the reason for sending money to or from the USA - whether you’re moving stateside to a new home and a new start, maybe the kids are off to college or maybe you’re got an exciting new job you just couldn’t turn down but need to send money home – we’ll make your currency transfer to the USA fast, cheap and easy.

A client needed to pay for the deposit on a new house in California. When wanting to transfer £50,000, their bank offered them a GBPUSD exchange of 1.64, which would have got them $82,000. With World First, they’d have got a 1.66 rate, which would have got them $1,000 more.

Basically, once you’ve seen how much money you could save when you send money to the USA, you’ll definitely have a nice day, as Americans say.

You’ll love our cracking customer service which has really earned its (stars and) stripes – we’ve won loads of awards – and our simple online system makes it dead easy to transact on the web 24/7.

We’ve got loads of products, from the simple to the complex, but we’ll talk you through them and make sure you get the right one. You can deal there and then at the best exchange rate on the day, or fix a rate for a transfer in the future and make it easy to budget ahead. Then there are hedging options which mean you can fix a rate but still benefit if the rates go in your favor in the meantime.

We can’t wait for you to join us so we can start saving you money when you send money to the USA!

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If you’re looking to send money somewhere else, we can help with that as well. We transfer money to and from countries all over the world.