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What we offer

Spot contracts

So called because they're done 'on the spot', allowing you to secure an exchange rate and make your payments straight away. A spot is the ideal option if you're a busy person and just need to get things moving as soon as possible.

Forward contracts

Like to plan ahead? Then forward contracts could be for you. They allow you to lock in exchange rates now and make your international payments later. In fact, you can secure a rate up to three years in advance.

Regular international payments

If you're sending money abroad on a regular basis, you'll want to set up automated payments. You can arrange this quickly and easily with us over the phone or online.

Transfer money overseas. Currency tools to match your ambitions.

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For your business

New markets? New suppliers? Whatever your reason to transfer money abroad, WorldFirst can help.

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Online fashion seller

For online sellers

Never stop growing. Wherever you go. Whenever you need. WorldFirst can help you transfer money around the globe to keep you moving.

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For you

Never stop dreaming. Never stop doing. WorldFirst can help you send money abroad easily, securely and in style. Minimum payment £1,000.

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Money talks. And so do our customers. Here’s what they have to say.

Send money to New Zealand


Bet you didn’t know that the dessert pavlova originated in New Zealand. See, every day’s a school day!

Here’s something else you might not have known about The Land of the Long White Cloud – when you transfer money to New Zealand (or home from there) with World First, you could save a bundle of money.

Great New Zealand dollar (NZD) exchange rates

Our exchange rates are typically better than the banks, so whether you’re buying property in New Zealand, retiring there and want to transfer your pension or working abroad and sending money home, we’ll make sure your money goes further when you send money to New Zealand.

Forget the All Blacks – you’ll be in the pink when you discover how much you could save when you transfer money to New Zealand with World First.

Let’s say a client needed to send £250,000 to New Zealand, and was offered an exchange rate of 2.02 by their bank – that would secure them NZ $505,000, but with World First, they’d be offered a much better rate of 2.04* and would have ended up with NZ $5,000 more. The savings you make could be even better – so why wouldn’t you give it a try?

*Exchange rate correct at the time writing. Exchange rates fluctuate by the second and vary depending on the amount of product bought and sold. Contact us to obtain an accurate quote.

A huge range of products

We’ve got a massive selection of products, so you’re bound to find one that suits your needs. Take our spot contracts, for example – these are perfect if you want a great rate straightaway. Alternatively, our forward contracts let you fix a rate today, even if the transfer doesn’t have to be made for ages; it gives you the peace of mind that no matter what happens over the next few months or years, your agreed rate can’t change. Pretty neat, huh?

Other products let you fix a rate but also benefit if they change in your favour. It’s all smart stuff, and it’s all available to you when you transfer money to New Zealand (or back home again) with World First. And the best thing is we’re here to talk you through it all.

You’ll love our award-winning customer service, and the fact that we answer every single call in three rings. No automated phone systems here!

Start making payments now

Quick – there’s no time to waste. Get in touch with World First and start saving time and money when you transfer money to New Zealand!

In the meantime, why not brush up on your New Zealand knowledge? It could come in handy if you’re planning on living or working there!

Don’t need to transfer money to New Zealand? Well, wherever you need to move your funds to, we can help; we transfer money all over the place.