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The right currency transfer service for you

Find out more about European money transfers with World First. We'll work with you to find tailored currency exchange solutions that suit your specific needs:

For your business

Our industry leading FX solutions can help you make the most of your money.

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For online sellers

For help saving money when converting your payments back into your own currency.

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For you

Whatever the need for your foreign currency exchange, as long as it’s over £1,000, we can help you get the most for your money.

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Fees and charges

For our private clients and online sellers: There aren't any. Zilch. Nothing. Nada. We don’t charge our private clients any fees when they make a foreign currency transfer with us. The minimum transfer amount is £1,000 or equivalent.

For our corporate clients: We'll agree a payment fee structure with you that reflects how much business we do together. These fees can range from £0 to £15 per transaction.

Whether you’re a private, business or ecommerce client we’ll always try our best to make sure all your money gets to where it needs to by covering third party transfer fees where we can, however there may be correspondent and receiving charges (charges from the banks who handle the transfer along the way).

Visit our FAQs for more details on fees and charges.

*Visit our FAQs for more details on fees and charges.

World First Awards

Offering you award-winning personal and online currency transfers

If you're looking for the best currency exchange rates, then you may be better off with World First compared to using your regular High Street bank. As we are foreign currency specialists, we can typically take a smaller margin than the banks and so we can pass the savings onto you in the form of a better currency exchange rate. This means your money can go further, so whatever you need to send money for, give World First a call and find out how much you could save!

We don't just aim to offer you the best exchange rates either; we pride ourselves on our award-winning customer service. We always answer our phone within three rings whether you’re a client or not and all our clients have dedicated account managers so you can rest assured you're in safe hands. Prefer just to manage your money online, or via your mobile? No problem! We've got an easy to use online system and Apple & Android apps too for easy on-the-go online currency transfers.

So, why not join our thousands of satisfied customers and use World First for your next international money transfer?