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James Allington

James - Middle Office

Studied International Business, Finance and Economics (BSc) and a World Firster since April 2013

The main responsibility of my role is the post trade management of currency transfers made by our clients, and managing their exposure to the markets. Our department is the main point of call for resolution of issues within the firm and from banking partners. While aspects of the job require very specific technical knowledge, we receive a huge variety of questions on a daily basis. It's a varied working environment, which really suits me, as I love being presented with an issue and then coming up with a solution myself.

Rebecca Snape

Rebecca - Dealing

Studied Animal Science (BSc) and a World Firster since July 2012

I started out as an Online Assistant in the Private Client team, before being promoted to a Dealer in February 2013 and to Team Leader in September 2013. As Team Leader, I look after a team of six and ensure that between us, we're managing our client book in the best way possible. We have over 25,000 active clients, so it's never quiet! We contact new and existing clients, assisting with their transfer needs. Being in a dealing role means you not only interact with dozens of clients every day, but also with multiple teams internally to ensure the smoothest possible client journey.

Have a look at the roles we're recruiting for at the moment:

Our values

World First is built on entrepreneurial ability and innovation. We think creatively, are business savvy and get a real buzz from success. We want to work with people who share our values. Individuals who can put people first, who have energy, intelligence and enthusiasm.

Customer service

Exceptional customer service is at the heart of what we do, and we deliver it to everyone: big clients, small clients, colleagues, suppliers and everyone else we come into contact with. We believe in fair and transparent relationships that last a lifetime. For us, it's not about making a quick buck. We're driven by an ambition to never lose a client.

Team work

From day one, you'll be part of a supportive and ambitious team culture. We value everyone's opinion in continually improving what we do, so your contributions will always be considered. Equally, you'll be the type of person who thrives in an environment with a diverse approach to problems and you'll enjoy working collaboratively to get the best result for World First and our clients.


We have a real energy and enthusiasm for what we do and we love to stand out from the crowd. This attitude to our day to day jobs makes our company stand out, but we also apply it to our charity events, our outside interests and any other projects we take on. We're looking for people who, alongside succeeding in their studies, have motivated themselves to excel in other areas.

Commercial awareness

The foreign exchange industry is a truly international one, with the markets constantly changing and reacting to what's happening across the globe. While you may not have experience in working in financial services and with the markets, you'll need to have a genuine interest and a curiosity to understand and explore their ever-changing nature.

What to expect - the interview process

We conduct an initial telephone screening for all of our graduate roles. We'll go through your CV and find out more about your motivation for applying for the role. If you're successful you'll keep moving through the stages below.

Sales roles

Assessment centre
Here we'll test your sales capabilities and commercial awareness through a variety a product pitching, presentation and teamwork tasks.

Final interview
If you move on to this stage there'll be a final competency-based interview with our senior management. You'll also be asked to deliver a 5 minute presentation on why you think you're the best person for the role and your motivations for wanting a career in sales at World First.

Other roles

First interview
You'll be invited to a competency-based interview at our offices with our Recruitment Manager and a senior member of the team. As well as going through your CV, we'll want to see you demonstrate the World First key values. There'll also be a short test on your numeracy and attention to detail skills.

Final interview
If the first interview is successful, you'll be invited back for a final competency-based interview with HR and the Head of Department.


We want to see that you've understood our business and what we do. And we want to know who YOU are - be yourself and show us the attitude you would bring to the role if you were successful. Let your personality shine through! We hire people, not machines.