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We place service at the forefront of our business, ensuring our products are tailored
to match your currency requirements and fully achieve your hedging mandate.

Bespoke currency solutions

For any fund considering overseas investments, FX rates are critical to maximising your returns and generating alpha. Our background trade support will give you the flexibility to tailor these trades in line with your reporting requirements.


Our team are one of the most experienced FX risk management desks in the business. You’ll receive a dedicated and fully qualified FX specialist who will assess your requirements, provide recommendations and follow the market in line with your needs.

Safety of funds

Ensuring the safety and security of your money is central to our business. We ensure your funds are appropriately safeguarded and segregated in line with requirements. We maintain high levels of capital and have a 3A2 credit rating from Dun and Bradstreet.

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Importance of creating a reactive strategy



FX Volatility can affect your realised returns – With the increasing divergence of global central bank policy, FX volatility has begun to creep higher.


Service is at the forefront of our business and has been for over a decade. You’ll receive a dedicated dealer who knows your account inside-out
to name a few.


Our FX risk management team offers a wide range of both premium-paid and premium-free options, we’ll find the right products to suit your risk appetite and exposure structure.



FX volatility


With global central banks beginning to wean markets off some of the loosest policy conditions in recorded history, FX volatility has begun to creep higher. Measured on a 2yr rolling basis, GBP volatility has almost doubled in the past few years and shorter-term measures are looking to follow suit. A return of tighter policy will almost certainly come hand-in-hand sharper adjustments in FX rates.

This raises the onus on those with international exposure to approach FX markets strategically and with sound support – a poor hedging mandate means a sharp move against you in one currency pair could wipe out your domestic gains in one fell swoop. A well hedged portfolio can protect you against the volatility of FX markets and prevent your profits from being eroded.

World First can support your FX risk management strategy by offering swap, forward and currency option contracts. Each strategy is tailored to meet your requirements with a wide range of scenarios available on expiry.


GBP basket volatility over time




Our dedicated FX risk management desk will go through your currency exposure with in detail and depth, allowing them to know and understand your business and what you’re trying to achieve. Service has been at the forefront of our business for over a decade and that’s not going to change anytime soon.

At World First, we don’t believe in answering machines, you’ll be able to get in touch with a dealer within three rings each and every time.




World First’s highly trained and vastly experienced team of FX specialists can talk through your requirements and will create a bespoke suite of hedging products to manage your risk.

Our team will discuss with you your preferred strategy, your hedging objectives and requirements and based on what you tell us, each strategy is tailored to meet your requirements with a wide range of scenarios available on expiry.


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