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What’s your next big move? With WorldFirst, the sky’s the limit.


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Don’t let international payments slow you down. WorldFirst can move your money around the world, so you can focus on what comes next. You’re just three simple steps from the future of international money transfers for businesses. Are you ready?

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Sign-up for an account and we’ll discuss the range of corporate foreign exchange solutions available. Once we’ve got all the details, we’ll quote you a rate.

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With a rate booked, you'll get a trade confirmation and we'll let you know when and how much money to send to us.

Go. Go. Go!

It's as easy as that. Whether a spot or a forward contract, once we've received your funds, we'll convert and send the money on the agreed date.

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Fees and charges

Moving money doesn’t have to eat into your profits. We’ll agree a fee structure from £0 to £15 and cover any other charges where we can.

That’s it. Simple and transparent money transfers for your business.


Products and services

Businesses that are going places need a financial partner they can trust. At WorldFirst, we’ve got you covered. Check out our security credentials.

Discover a corporate foreign exchange strategy to match your business ambitions. Let’s chat budget, risk and cash flow and we’ll work together to create the right way forward for you. No one size fits all here.

Spot contracts

Get a rate and make a payment right away. Great if you just need to get it done.

Forward contracts

Want to lock in a rate but aren't ready to make a transfer? Fix it up to three years in advance.

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World Account: a new way to do business in multiple currencies


Whether you’re importing or exporting, with the new World Account you can open multiple local currency accounts instantly and for FREE and manage them all from one easy-to-use online platform.

Perfect for businesses with global ambitions.


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Demystifying Currency Markets

We’ve collated some key steps to put your business in a better position.

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