Home of gorgeous weather, world-class sport, great people and beaches and parks to die for… Check out our top 5 things you ought to know about Melbourne.

1) Where to live

If you’re moving with your family, check out Hawthorn or Bayside Sandringham which feature some great Victorian properties – a legacy of Melbourne’s mid-19th century gold rush. Want beachside living? Try relaxed Williamson and Brighton. Or for young, creative types, Brunswick and Fitzroy will be right up your street.

2) Cost to rent or buy

Property prices in Melbourne are on the up, having risen by over 10% in the year to July 2015. If you’re renting, you’ll pay on average AU $1668 (£770) per month for a one bed apartment in Melbourne city.

3) Getting about

You can get around Melbourne easily and cheaply on its public transport network of trains, buses and trams. Everything works with a prepaid card, known as Myki. Trams within the city centre are completely free. Driving around? New cars are thousands cheaper and a litre of petrol costs 63p.

4) Best bits

  • Young and vibrant – half of the population is less than 35 years old…!
  • Beaches close to the city centre, and well-kept parks as well
  • Interesting culture and summer festivals…
  • Varied foodie scene

5) Worst bits

  • While summer is fun-packed not a lot happens over the winter
  • Overcrowding is a problem on its public transport
  • Isolated, the closest overseas holiday is New Zealand
  • Pricey property

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