There are no guns. There are too many narrow stairs. Pubs are not bars, they are community living rooms. Everything is generally older, smaller and shorter. Obama is considered a hero, Bush is considered an idiot.

Everybody loved reading American Scott Waters’ list of everything that’s different in the UK.

Scott was just visiting, but what about the people that have come here to live permanently? What do they consider to be good things and the not so good bits about moving to the UK? Well, we asked them, and this is what they said…

Best things

  • “Beautiful little villages and towns never far away.”
  • “Amazing country walks”
  • “Multicultural and interesting, I’ve always felt welcome.”
  • “The NHS (National Health Service)”
  • “You feel very safe most of the time.”
  • “I love the whole pub culture. Love the local ales too.”
  • “A very vibrant and affordable nightclub scene.”
  • “Diverse arts and music scene.”
  • “Close to the coast, wherever you are.”
  • “Quality education system.”

Worst things

  • “There’s just not enough sunshine! That said, I don’t think the weather’s as bad as some people think.”
  • “Things don’t always work as you expect them to. Some services can’t be completely relied on – postman, banker, and immigration officer etc.”
  • “Trains are packed, and often run late.”
  •  “Property and rental prices are so high, especially in the cities.”
  • “The British can be very class conscious.”
  • “High cost of living.”
  • “People can’t seem to drink without getting drunk.”

Have they got it right? Have they missed anything? Let us know…