Moving to Canada? Here’s our 1-minute guide to life in Canada…


Rural life, alpine life or city life – Canada has it all… If you want peace and quiet, Nova Scotia is cheap and friendly. Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver are great and vibrant cities but Calgary is the sunniest city.

Cheap digs… Rents are high in Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary; a one-bed can set you back over CAD 1,000. The cheapest rents are in Gatineau, Montreal and Windsor – all around CAD 650.

Getting about Bus or subway in the city – and it’s all reasonably affordable. If you’re more rural, it’s all you’ll need a car, but at least the petrol’s cheap.

Prepared for snow? You think of Canada and you think of snow. If that scares you, head to Vancouver. It’s not too cold and snows are much lighter than anywhere else in Canada.

On the job It’s tough for expats to get a job off the bat. Try and get something fixed before you go.

Going out… There are some great nightclubs in the big cities. If you like eating out, you can expect American, French and English influences and on the Atlantic coast, there’s some amazing seafood.

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