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Navigating the world of marketplaces continues to be challenging for new online sellers and established merchants. The eCommerce space continually shifts with new innovations, regulatory changes, consumer behavioural changes and the number of merchants launching businesses to benefit from the opportunity to sell products online.

In our first report, new sellers will be guided through answers to important questions such as:

Everything you need to know about starting an online marketplace

– Which marketplace is right for your business?

– How can your business differentiate itself from the other sellers?

– How can you keep more of the profit you earn by avoiding fees and charges on foreign exchange (FX) transactions?

It continues to review a range of marketplaces, detailing how new merchants can get set up and started on these market places. Providing a clear and insightful comparison into a range of market places, it helps cuts through the noise around those marketplaces to best support that new merchant. As for established marketplace sellers, this report will show how to keep more of your revenue, while expanding your global reach. Established merchants, can use this report to compare the other market places you may not be currently aware of or fully using. Where this report will enable these merchants to grow their business.

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