Is your Amazon listing optimised? If not, it ought to be, according to Martin Keene of iLoveToReview in an article that appears in our latest e-info magazine for online sellers.


In a study conducted by Survata, Amazon emerged as the starting point for 44% of consumers searching for products, giving it about three times more product search volume over Google. Why? Amazon is a trusted authority. They built that reputation by putting customers at the centre of their universe as a way to reach their ultimate goal: more conversions, which translates into more money for Amazon.

Creating your product listing with a strong title, descriptive bullet points, and high quality photos are the basics. However, increasing the number of good reviews could be a make or break to your ongoing success.

Social Proof

In the mid-1800s, the original authentic snake oil contained anti-inflammatory Omega-3 obtained from Chinese water snakes. When the Chinese brought it to America and shared it with other railroad workers, it became quite popular.

People raved at the results and swapped testimonials of their experience which increased product demand. Yet today, snake oil is associated with quackery. That came about because those seeking to meet that demand tried to re-create a product whose source (the Chinese water snake) didn’t exist in America. Fake products were used along with fake testimonials to sell it, leading to snake oil’s demise. Credibility and social proof created both the rise and the fall of this product.

Not too much has changed in the sense that word of mouth has always been a major factor when it comes to buying decisions. According to a Nielsen’s Global Trust in Advertising Report, online consumer reviews are already the second most trusted source of brand information, with 70% of global consumers indicating they trust online reviews. That keeps growing every year.

As an Amazon merchant, you are in the business of delivering products that customers will praise because those personalised reviews can:

• Nudge indecisive buyers into clicking the ‘Add to Cart‘or ‘Buy Now‘buttons

• Persuade consumers to select your product over all of your competitors

• Provide other buyers assurance of your product’s quality

Generate more reviews

Amazon states that only 1% of buyers leave reviews. This means seasoned sellers must actively encourage buyers to submit 100% authentic reviews. How?

• Including well written inserts. Clever, attention grabbing notes, letters, or postcards inside the product box asking for feedback is a great start.

• Sending follow-up emails. Reach out with a friendly, personalised email via your Amazon Seller account. Make sure the content genuinely expresses interest in their satisfaction.

• Use a Legitimate Review Service. Buying FIVERR reviews or any fake ones can and will get your account suspended – sometimes permanently.

Icing on the cake

Reviews absolutely make a difference to your ranking. Rankings get you noticed. The more high quality reviews earned, the greater your conversion, which then begets an organic increased ranking. Reviews provide additional content about your product which increases your SEO. Ultimately that could mean showing up first on any search terms used to find your product. All points being equal for competing products; the listing with more and better reviews WINS every time.

Martin Keene is the CEO of iLoveToReview

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