We’re working with Pixmania to help online sellers expand their business into new territories, while also saving money when they send home their revenues from sales on the marketplace. And with nearly 8 million unique visitors every month, there’s a real opportunity.



  • Marketplace name: Pixplace, Pixmania.com
  • Monthly website visitors: 7,700,000 unique visitors
  • Open seller registration or invite only? Open but authorisation of Business Developer is needed
  • Can assist any size business
  • Website: Pixmania.com


  • Create your own catalogue and gain instant access to a base of 10 million returning clients.
  • Get powerful visibility online with 7.7 million monthly unique visitors.
  • A simple and efficient web platform, plus secure transactions and online fraud risk cover
  • Boost your turnover by selling in 14 European countries covered by Pixmania.
  • Streamline and centralise your internet sales process and take advantage of connected services (shipping options, ultra-secure payment system and 46 payment options).


Which countries can international sellers reach?

UK, Ireland, France, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Poland.

Which countries can the marketplace accept sellers from?

Any country.

What categories can merchants sell in?

Hi-tech: camera, video, computing, sound, telephones, TV, plus home appliances, home & DIY, toys & gadgets and watches.

What requirements does Pixmania have for international sellers?

Language of the country if the merchant is willing to sell in France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, UK and Ireland. VAT & European bank account for all European merchants. Warehouse should be located in Europe.

How does a World First client supply their bank account details to Pixmania?

That’s done via the registration form, a practical explanation will be given to World First members.

Any offers for World First clients?

Pixmania are offering three months free subscription exclusively for World First customers. Click here to create a seller account and email Tarek Alassar at Pixmania to claim your three month free subscription: t.alassar@pixmania-group.com