Researching and deciding which international market to launch into next can at first seem a daunting task even for the battle-hardened online veteran but Lengow, the ecommerce automation platform experts, have now got you covered. They’ve just launched a ‘Marketplace Finder’ tool to help make those first steps towards reaching more global customers that much easier.

Our team at World First often get asked by online sellers, “Which marketplace should I target next?” or, “I’m already shipping into Germany on X marketplace, so could you recommend any other marketplaces with large German customer bases to list on?” The Marketplace Finder will help you identify options available in each country, as well as showing which countries the most popular sites operate in, and provides handy links to all of the various worldwide marketplace websites.

Frédéric Clement, Chief Marketing Officer of Lengow explained, “The marketplace landscape, especially in Europe, is getting more and more complex for retailers and brands. As a global leader, Lengow has a unique vision on this growing market. Our Marketplace Finder aims at sharing our expertise by highlighting key players in each country and vertical.”

To help you narrow down the right channel for your business, we’ve highlighted some of our top picks in these articles examining where next after listing on Amazon and eBay and some lesser-known global marketplace names to acquaint yourself with.

Whatever your global ambitions, online sellers looking to make the next step in their multichannel cross-border adventures should bookmark the Marketplace Finder and give their World First ecommerce expert a call on 02078011068 or email the team on to see how we may be able to help you bring more of your profits home from those international marketplaces.