From logistics to listings and tax to translation, the list of things that you need to consider as a cross-border online seller can appear daunting. But as any international marketplace seller will tell you, getting these things right can go a long way to making your online business a success.

There’s one more thing to add to that list, however; international payments. You may be surprised to hear that the way you buy from overseas suppliers, price your goods abroad and then send your revenue home could be costing you a couple of percent off your bottom line every month.

That’s why we’ve put together this online sellers’ guide to all things currency. Reading it could even save you money. Read our guide by clicking HERE.

And here’s something else that could help you out. If you’re an online seller in the Manchester area and you’re looking to start and grow your sales overseas, you’ll want to be part of a great event that’s taking place on Thursday 23rd July.

‘Go Global with Online Marketplaces’ will focus on growing your sales internationally with online marketplaces, and World First is going to be there, with a session on “Where, why and how to sell on marketplaces in Europe and beyond.”

There’ll also be a talk from RedStar on “Growing your e-commerce business with Google, eBay and internationally.” Both talks will cover what it takes to be successful in international online marketplaces, and will give you proper useable tips which could genuinely improve your success in marketplaces. You’ll also be able to network with other online sellers and industry experts.

Oh, by the way, it’s a free event, so you’ve got nothing to lose. Click HERE to register.