We’ve all been enjoying the warmth and brightness of an Indian summer over the last few days. But while many are holding on desperately to the last scraps of summer, online sellers have long been planning for Christmas.

Etailers that are now looking at warehouses brimming with goods, will be hoping those same warehouses are looking a whole lot emptier when the Christmas rush is complete.

All being well, business will be booming in the coming weeks and months, and the money will roll into your international bank accounts as a result of your marketplace sales. When it does, it’s a good idea to send those revenues back to your home account without delay, rather than accruing those funds and delaying payments.

Focus on selling

Many sellers do 50% of their annual trade in November and December. Quite incredible that these sellers make as much in two months at the end of the year as they do in the other ten!

But because there is so much importance on those two months, it makes sense to remove the hassle of currency from their business and concentrate purely on selling.

Get your money sent back as soon as you can (World First can help with this), then from this you can buy more stock at this crucial time for your business. Through this cycle, your business becomes more efficient and you can maximise your potential.

Our big three

  • If you use World First, you receive your funds one day quicker than with Amazon on USD and EUR transactions.
  • World First does faster payments to UK accounts – using CHAPS or Faster Payments – than Amazon, which uses BACS.
  • If you get your money quicker, you can replenish your stock quicker!

Get in touch with the World First team and find out how you could save money when you repatriate your revenues from marketplace sales, and how we can set up free receiving bank accounts in new territories to help you grow your business.