In just a few short weeks, Americans will head to the ballots to elect the 45th POTUS. 

With the polls so varied and so widely untrusted the result is really anyone’s guess. One thing, however, remains certain—the ongoing clash between the presidential nominees, Clinton and Trump, will remain heated until the bitter end. But what does it all mean for businesses watching on from across the pond?

In this US election special of Global Ambitions, we dive into the business and market implications of the upcoming elections. We ask: which political party is the best for the US economy? Do elections actually move markets? And, how can you insulate your business against volatility? So, whether you’re starting-up a new venture abroad or managing the impact of currency fluctuations on your business, our Global Ambitions US Election Special has the insights you need to ensure you’re prepared for Obama’s exit from the White House next year.

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