The message from the government to the UKs small business owners since the EU referendum has been pretty clear: ‘opportunity is out there – and you should be too’. Now, our 5.5 million small businesses have been told repeatedly, is not the time to retrench, cutback or withdraw, now is the time to look to new horizons for untapped trade opportunities. As recently as October, Liam Fox, Secretary of State for International Trade, told the Tory Party conference that he wanted the “UK to trade its way to prosperity, stability and security”.

And at WorldFirst, we’re doing our bit to help.

We’ve been supporting entrepreneurs go global since 2004 and, with the launch of our new World Account, we’re now able to go even further. Our ability to open local currency accounts for small business clients means that we are helping them overcome one of the most stubborn barriers to international trade.

Overcome the pain of opening an overseas account

Talk to any entrepreneur who has tried to open a local bank account overseas and the story is much the same; it’s at best slow and frustrating and at its worst, impossible. The latter is especially true in the US where you will often be required to have a physical presence in the country first, which itself can be problematic without a bank account.

Of course you could ask your business bank to open a euro or US dollar account for you, but more than likely the account will still be based here in the UK and there may be a charge for your customers to pay into it (and possibly for you to pay out too). It’s a foreign currency account, yes, but it’s not local.

At last, you can do business like a local

With World Account, you can open multiple locally-based, local currency accounts quickly and for free. Open a World Account today, and you could have sole-use of your own in-country euro, US dollar, Canadian dollar or Singapore dollar accounts (complete with unique IBAN and account numbers) tomorrow. No extensive forms, no long delays, no opening fees or monthly charges.

With free-to-open locally-based, local currency accounts for businesses from WorldFirst, say hello to international business banking the way it should be.

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