Read our series of guides for some useful insights into buying the home of your dreams in Australia.

Australia is a popular destination for British ex-pats looking to start a new life in warmer climates. However, there’s a range of logistical, legal and cultural considerations to think about before embarking on the move, which can be daunting to research and organise.

To put you in the best position to purchase your dream home in Australia and emigrate to your new life, we’ve compiled a series of guides containing all of the initial research on buying a property in Australia.

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House Buyer’s Guide to Australia part 1

Our House Buyer’s Guide to Australia part 1 is aimed at those looking to invest in property in Australia, including anyone looking to make the full leap by emigrating and buying a home down under.  You’ll learn about the key cultural differences to consider when buying a property in Australia and what you’ll need to be eligible to buy.

House Buyer’s Guide to Australia part 2

Once you’ve learnt about the cultural differences you need to know before buying a house in Australia, you’re ready for the next step. In part 2 of our House Buyer’s Guide to Australia series, we break down the specifics of purchasing a property in Australia. From sourcing a property to comparing which local experts can help with the purchase journey to FX solutions, you can find it all in the next instalment of our series.

House Buyer’s Guide to Australia part 3

The final instalment in our House Buyer’s Guide to Australia cuts through the noisy world of mortgages. It includes vital points on building inspections for the new property and how property purchase regulations are organised in terms of importance in Australia. The guide will wrap up the practical implications of purchasing a property in Australia, including final things to remember to ensure your finances and FX requirements are covered.


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