The Swiss franc (CHF) is sometimes referred to as a haven currency, favoured by some investors because of its reliance and stability.

Due to Switzerland’s location, its currency has enjoyed a direct correlation with the Euro (EUR), and the CHR/EUR cross-currency pairing is the third most-traded pair on the market [1]. With forecasts for high growth for the Euro in 2020 against the U.S dollar, how will the CHF fare?

CHF/EUR 2020 forecast vs 2008-present FX rate

The CHF is already enjoying an incredibly strong start to 2020 and is so far one of the best-performing currencies of the year, outperforming the pound, dollar and yen for the top spot [2]. Its performance is so strong that economic forecasters predict the Swiss National Bank (SNB) may consider lowering their interest rates to support signs of a slowing economy [3].

However, with Washington recently announcing that they’ve added the Swiss National Bank (SNB) to a watchlist of suspected currency manipulators, this may be a warning to Swiss financial authorities to avoid intervention or risk possible sanctions from the US Government.

The uncertainty of Brexit and concerns over a possible global recession have negatively impacted the Euro over the last two years, which is making some economic forecasters predict a creditable 2020 for the Euro [4]. And, with the Swiss franc being closely paired with the success of the Euro, this is bound to have a considerable impact.

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