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Major currency pairs remained relatively unchanged overnight with little impetus from yesterday’s trading session. GBP has managed to hold its own, opening 0.2% up against the EUR to hold ground around the 1.1890 mark. Equally GBP has opened above the 1.2500 barrier against USD, despite rumours of a rate hike by the Federal Reserve later today.

The Federal Reserve will meet this evening to discuss future monetary policy and deliver a public decision on an increase of central interest rates. Analysts have forecasted and priced in a hike of 50 basis points (0.5%) which would bring the US interest rate up to a level of 0.75%. This is still a far cry from the 2%+ levels the markets were used to pre-COVID, but still a move in the right direction for the US economy. Some analysts are speculating on an even larger hike of 0.75% (bringing the US interest rate up to 1%) which if it came to fruition would likely see further volatility across GBP/USD and EUR/USD.

The US dollar has been enjoying a period of increased liquidity over the last two months, with investors moving money from riskier assets such as stocks and bonds pouring funds into the safe-haven over the course of the ongoing Ukraine ordeal. This over purchasing, combined with the poor health of the UK economy has caused a drop of over 5.5% for GBP/USD in the last three weeks.

Unfortunately, little respite is in sight – if you are a UK importer purchasing goods in USD, please reach out to your account manager at WorldFirst to discuss how we can help to manage your currency risk over the coming months.

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James Camp, Senior Relationship Manager. James Camp, SME relationship manager at WorldFirst

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