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Over most of yesterday’s London trading session, the pound continued to look wobbly in the face of a dominant euro; despite this, it did manage to rebound its intra-day losses against the dollar by close of trading, as markets regained their risk-on nerve. Essentially, Wednesday served up more of the same with regards to continuing fears of a no-deal WTO terms departure from the EU, as reports once again suggested that the UK Government is now fully aware a fully comprehensive deal will not be done in time. However, what caused the large dip on GBP/USD was a Financial Times article which suggested that a trade deal between the USA and the UK was now also in jeopardy, as the United States Government was too tied up with civil unrest, a faltering COVID-19 response and an impending presidential election.

Although markets managed to recover from the dip caused by the news, mainly through continuing dollar flight globally; sadly for the UK Government, a quick win on a UK/US trade deal was meant to soften the blow of leaving on a ‘bare-bones’ agreement with the EU in the longer term. The news that this may now not be the case means that an additional pound anxiety is added to a basket already brimming with trade fears as we approach the end of the transitional period. In short, unless the EU gives ground – and quickly – the door is open for the UK to walk into WTO terms come December the 31st with precious little cushioning for the already Covid battered economy to fall back on.

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Author: Joshua Haden-Jones, Senior Relationship Manager

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