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As with every first Friday of the month, money markets refocus themselves on the US non-farm payroll numbers at 13.30 for a guide on dollar strength going into the weekend and the rest of the month. The consensus is a slightly better than last month number, with around 180k new jobs added to the US economy, any lower deviation from this could cause the already on the ropes dollar to continue to sell off over the Christmas period, barring any positive trade talk from President Trump.

Over the Atlantic, the UK profited from a report from Berenberg bank, which suggested that the UK’s growth of the UK economy in light of a Conservative majority could far outstrip that of its European neighbours. Despite the double-digit lead in the polls and a number of high profile Brexit Party MEP’s abandoning their cause to urge voters to back Conservative candidates, the outcome is still far from clear concerning a winner at this point.

This evening, at 20.30 GMT, Jeremy Corbyn and Boris Johnson will face off for the last time before the election in an hour-long debate – this being the last big televised chance to sway voters to their causes.

Sterling has already started to retract from its two and a half year highs yesterday, as traders take profit on their positions before the weekend – if big businesses can, so can you.

Below are the rates we are offering on our three bandings at the time of writing (09.15 GMT):

  • £1000-500k – 1.1751 (0.50%)
  • £500k-5m – 1.1780 (0.25%)
  • £5m – 1.1795 (0.15%)
  • £1000-500k – 1.3051 (0.50%)
  • £500k-5m – 1.3084 (0.25%)
  • £5m – 1.3095 (0.15%)

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Author: Joshua Haden-Jones, Senior Relationship manager