Can’t think of where to go next year? Don’t worry, at World First, we’ve got you covered. Discover 24 dream short and long haul destinations for each month in our ultimate holiday calendar for 2017. All you need to do is remember your passport.


Short haul:
Bruges retains its magic in the winter with festive markets, ice rinks and romantically cobbled streets. You can hideaway from the cold in any of the candle lit taverns, restaurants and pubs the city has to offer. Culture seekers won’t be disappointed with the range of museums, medieval buildings and churches all snow topped in January.

Long haul: 
With temperatures from about 26° upwards, January is the best time to visit the wonderful coastlines and warm sands of Goa. Known for its hippy culture and serene beaches, there is no place more peaceful to start the year.


Short haul:
Venice comes alive in February for its annual Carnival. Held in the lead up to Ash Wednesday, expect to see extravagant costumes, embroidered masquerades and even the cities famous gondolas adorned with lace and silk as the country prepares
for Lent.

Long haul:
Jackson Hole, Wyoming
For avid fans of the snow sports, Jackson Hole is truly the place to be. Flanked by the Teton mountain range, Jackson Hole offers some breath-taking runs and is not one for the faint hearted. When you’re not busy throwing yourself down a mountain, the nearby village of Teton is the perfect location for some apres-ski dining.


Short haul: 
March is one of the best times to spot the northern lights. The slightly longer days make it statistically more likely for the Aurora Borealis to pay a visit. Even if you miss it, Iceland has tons to offer. Whether you’re dipping into the blue lagoon or would prefer to skidoo across Icelandic glaciers, there is something for everyone.

Long haul:
Spring is the perfect time to explore the great Texas outdoors. However, with a range of events taking place, you may not have time for much exploring. March sees in SXSW, a festival celebrating the interactive, film and music industries. If trendy festivals aren’t your thing, March is also the best time to go birding, a particularly popular pastime there due the vast array of species that make the Lone Star state their home during spring.


Short haul:
The countdown to summer in Madrid begins in April with its parks blooming and the buzz of the city’s bar culture spilling outside. The weather is also far more
hospitable than in the summer when the heat can be suffocating which makes it a great time to truly take in what the Spanish capital has to offer.

Long haul: 
Costa Rica
For a slightly more adrenaline filled spring, try Costa Rica. With its fantastic mix of white sand beaches, jungles and forest trails for exploring and fantastic spots for hiking, Costa Rica makes a good destination for fans of the great outdoors.


Short haul:
If you’re looking for a pre-summer getaway, then Istanbul should be at the top of your list. Full of vibrancy, it offers a good balance of culture, traditions, history and a cracking nightlife.

Long haul:
Cape Verde
Known for its mix of Creole, Portuguese and African culture, Cape Verde is a superb long haul destination for those who want to unwind. Surrounded by gorgeous beaches, this little island and its volcanic backdrops will undoubtedly take your breath away.


Short haul:
St Petersburg
June is a month of constant celebration in St Petersburg with the locals shedding their fur and inhibitions. The grandness of the city is best appreciated when the frost melts and landmarks like the Winter Palace and Kazan Cathedral are backlit with glorious sunshine.

Long haul:
As the Amazon’s dry season starts in June, there’s no better time to explore the South American landscape and enjoy the sights, colours and sounds of the rainforest. There’s also something called Machu Picchu but no one ever wants to go there!


Short haul:
It’s hard not to fall impossibly in love with the Cornish coast when the sun is out. Whilst school holidays will bring a flock of families to the charming towns that make up Cornwall, don’t let that put you off. The variety of things to do and explore is what makes the county a great summer destination.

Long haul:
Rainy season is over and Kenya’s wildlife comes back to life. Kenya in July is THE trip of a lifetime. See the wildebeest great migration and big five in real life. No Disney film could ever do it justice.


Short haul:
It’ll be hard to find many places that can rival Amsterdam for fun and there’s no better time to enjoy its delights than at the height of summer when the canals are lit up and everywhere looks like a trendy art gallery.

Long haul: 
Tanzania’s stunning landscapes, amazing wildlife and gorgeous blue sea make it perfect for a long summer holiday. From Lake Victoria to Zanzibar, Tanzania is where the exotic tropics meet the serene desert resulting in one of Earth’s most beautiful backdrops.


Short haul: 
With holiday season coming to an end, catch the best of Cretan food, wine and culture just before it packs up for winter. The distinctive Greek island is still basking in glorious heat so take tours around the island and tuck into some of its delicious traditional cuisine.

Long haul:
Toronto festival season remains in full swing with the Toronto International Film Festival taking place in the second week of September. Mingle with Hollywood stars and be sure to take a trip to the Toronto islands.


Short haul: 
Beer, lederhosen, beer, currywurst, dancing and more beer. No one ever outgrows the bundle of fun that is Oktoberfest in Munich. Get involved and experiment with the variety of ‘liquid gold’ at the world’s most famous party.

Long haul: 
The Galapagos Islands
If you’re after some of nature’s most beautiful offerings, the Galapagos is the place for you. You’ll catch the end of peak season to see the wonderful fauna on show in October but miss the holiday rush. What’s not to love?


Short haul: 
Lisbon still gets a bit of autumn sun in November and it’s a great time to rummage through the city’s historic quarters and wander through Bairro Alto, the hilltop part of town known for its delightful mix of cafes, cobbled streets and with truckloads of charisma.

Long haul: 
Skip Tokyo’s hot, wet summer and visit in November when it becomes dry and cool. A lot more pleasant to get involved in the various fairs and festivals the city hosts throughout the month including Tori-no-ichi, an annual celebration that sees markets surrounding Tokyo’s shrines attracting visitors from all over the world.


Short haul:
Paris does Christmas like no other with the City of Lights shining extra brightly in December. Don your ice skates and head to the Champs-Elysées or jump on the hundreds of carousels that pop up across the city in December. You’ll find it difficult not to get into the Christmas spirit after a few hours in the city.

Long haul:
A backpacker favourite, Vietnam is designed for the explorer in you. In December, the south of the country remains delightfully warm and great for sunbathing and water sports. The north can get quite chilly but that’s no reason not to walk up the quaint village of Sa Pa.

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