Currency Markets betting on Clinton

2016 has not been a year for the faint hearted and certainly not one for the risk averse. Indeed the forthcoming Presidential election can be viewed as a continuation, rather than a culmination in the political game of happy slapping that currency markets have been victimised by. From the turmoil of Brexit, to the start of formal negotiations next year and elections across Europe, the U.S. Election can be viewed as yet another political event that could have seismic consequences for the markets. The US presidential election has the ability to rule a line under the current nadir of political discourse. It also has the ability to supercharge the anti-establishment, populist and nationalist politics that have shot markets with fear through the past 10 months.

Needless to say as sterling was used as the pressure point for the Brexit campaign, vote and aftermath, we cannot look at the election without viewing it through the prism of the reaction in the US dollar.

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