2016 has seen a whole host of landmark events take place, some triumphant and others tragic – all depending on who you ask. And looking back over the past year, it’s safe to say that while it has been many things, it certainly hasn’t been boring.

We saw the UK public vote for Brexit in June, NASA’s Juno spacecraft enter orbit around Jupiter in July and then on 8th November the poll-shattering shock victory of Donald Trump in the American presidential race. Coming out the end of this whirlwind year, plenty still remains up in the air.

In this, World First’s winter edition of Transfer, we turn our attention to some of the things we enjoy most: travel, property and even a nice cup of coffee. How might our 2017 plans be affected by this tumultuous backdrop and a unprecedentedly weak pound? Looking forward at the year ahead, how can we make the most of our present situation? And, for those of us ready throw in the towel and try somewhere new, whether for now or forever, where should we go? Find out this and much more in Transfer. Download your free copy now!