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In a rapid change of events – highlighting the ever-shifting nature of not only the Brexit talks, but also of politics in general – Michel Barnier today called an emergency meeting of fishing ministers from all EU nations to thrash out terms on the main stumbling block to the success of wider talks.

Despite the lack of progress made on the highly divisive issue – particularly as France continually refuse to compromise on current fishing stocks – it seems that this meeting’s announcement so late in the game could signal a wider EU pressure above France’s dissenting voice to make headway in the few weeks we have remaining in 2020 – a mere 35 days.

Aside from that, the markets are again data silent, owning to the hangover from the US Thanksgiving holiday yesterday. The weekend political news programmes and interviews will likely provide the headlines for GBP moves next week as we approach that last month of the transitional period.

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Author: Josh Haden-Jones, Senior Relationship Manager